Tips For Kitchen Garden And Landscaping

Kitchen Garden And Landscaping

Kitchen is better known as the heart of the house. It is the room that fills the house with a waft of warmth and fills our body with the food we require. Likewise, a kitchen garden can be called the heart of a garden. A kitchen garden is where you can try your hand at growing fruits and vegetables. You will get to have your own profuse for the kitchen. Experts in Landscaping Oakville points out that you may have a trial and error period and it is a challenge to get it right the first time. You can review the list of contestants announced by AAS for the landscape design challenge 2020.

You will have to know the soil and the type of produce that works well on the soil and the climate. The seasonal changes, the rain and amount of sunshine will also be a deciding factor. Some ideas may work and some may spoil your garden. But you need to follow a generic method to maintain a workable kitchen garden. The first and foremost is to know your garden plot well. You will have to subdivide your plot into beds. This will allow you to manage your plot well and rotate the crops to avoid soil disease. Give a defined edge to differentiate between the beds. You can also have pathways to help you move about easily. You can use oak edging, tile, brick, or stone. You can choose the part that complements the edge material.

An enclosure will be a good idea. It will protect the plot from predators. You can try simple hedging, dry stone, brick walking or even woven hazel panels. Tomatoes are the simplest crop to grow and it will never fail you. You can grow them in beds or pots. You can save space by growing arched fruits like pear in smaller plots to save the main bed. You can plant them at the entrance or can be used to define the beds. Step over apples and gooseberry bushes can be planted around the garden or the beds. It will bring a well defined structure to the garden. Plants like squash and courgette can be directly planted onto the compost heap. The rich material will help the plant and we can also make use of the unsightly area. You don’t have to give up any other space for these plants.

Water is an important aspect of any garden. You need to ensure there is ample water supply for your kitchen garden. You can think of a borehole or a natural water source. You can also think of a simple irrigation or a hand water system where you can use a watering can. A water cart is also a lovely idea. You can fill if and use it with the can. It is perfect with saplings and seeds. A sprinkler system will also be great for a robust crop of large areas. It is easier and can be managed well.

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